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Save Yarmouk

Palestinian families in Syria need your support. We are organising a series of fundraisers in London.
Here is a Facebook event for our first event at Amnesty Internationals Action Centre

Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus has been under siege for seven months, and 100 ordinary people have died of starvation or illness because of the lack of food and medical supplies – many of them children.

Join vibrant world music band Raast for an evening of songs, discussion and films and help us raise funds to send food directly to families trapped in Yarmouk.

For just £5 you will have the opportunity to:

* Find out more about the plight of Palestinians in Syria and what is happening in Yarmouk camp

* Enjoy Arabic grooves and Latin beats from the unique Raast, featuring the phenomenal Palestinian hip-hop group Katibeh 5

* Watch two highly-acclaimed short films by Palestinian film-makers from Yarmouk camp

…and of course, raise funds to send life-saving supplies to the innocent Palestinian families under siege in Syria.

The aid will be distributed by grassroots groups from Yarmouk known personally by Raast, such as Bassmeh Foundation (, who have already begun to get food to hungry families inside the camp. Our support is desperately needed as the meagre amounts of official aid that have been allowed to enter are nowhere near enough to feed the 18,000 people trapped inside.

It is easy to feel like there is nothing we can do about the horror being lived by Syria’s ordinary men, women and children. We hope you can join us to stand by the Palestinian victims of Syria’s conflict and let them know the world has not forgotten about them.

We are Yarmouk.

A four-minute Channel 4 video about the siege on Yarmouk from mid-January:

Listen to/ visit Raast and Katibeh 5 here:

Image from Zaytoun, the Little Refugee:


first person political… Artists on Israel/Palestine

A small group from the Collective will perform a few songs at this event at Passing Clouds, London hosted by hackney Palestine solidarity group.

Save Yarmouk!

As the Syrian conflict continues, among the innocent people trapped are the residents of the largest Palestinian camp in Syria, the Yarmouk Camp in Damascus, home to many of our family and friends.  The camp has seen fierce fighting since the uprising in Syria, being constantly bombed by the Syrian regime whilst it accepted refugees from surrounding neighbourhoods destroyed in the fighting. As you read, the camp has been under siege for over 180 days which means no new supply’s of food and other essentials. This has resulted in over 80 residents, many children, dying of starvation.

On 20th February, we are holding a fund / awareness raiser at Amnesty Internationals Human Rights Action Centre in London for a grassroots organisation of Yarmouk residents in the UK and Syria that can enter the camp and cook for people as well as distribute food. () The evening will include music, film, poetry and discussions about the situation and what can be done.

I Heart Hamas (and other things i am afraid to tell you) by Jennifer Jajeh

The wonderful one woman show comes to London this Thursday at the Rich Mix in Bethnal Green. Its the final performance after 5 years of touring and is not to be missed. Go to for more details.

‘Despite’ exhibition, London

‘Despite’ exhibition, London

An article about the wonderful Art exhibition ‘Despite’ curated by Arts Canteen. Palestinian art alive and kicking

Saturday 12th January 2013

Raast performance at the National Twinning Network Conference hosted by Harringey Justice For Palestine

Chestnuts Community Centre, 280

St Ann’s Road, N15 5BN

on Jan 12th 2013 10.00 – 7.00