Save Yarmouk!

As the Syrian conflict continues, among the innocent people trapped are the residents of the largest Palestinian camp in Syria, the Yarmouk Camp in Damascus, home to many of our family and friends.  The camp has seen fierce fighting since the uprising in Syria, being constantly bombed by the Syrian regime whilst it accepted refugees from surrounding neighbourhoods destroyed in the fighting. As you read, the camp has been under siege for over 180 days which means no new supply’s of food and other essentials. This has resulted in over 80 residents, many children, dying of starvation.

On 20th February, we are holding a fund / awareness raiser at Amnesty Internationals Human Rights Action Centre in London for a grassroots organisation of Yarmouk residents in the UK and Syria that can enter the camp and cook for people as well as distribute food. () The evening will include music, film, poetry and discussions about the situation and what can be done.


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