To Tantura…

To Tantura…

The other week we stumbled across a webpage of a documentary being made about an ethnically cleansed village in Palestine, Tantura, from which many of our friends’ families were forced from in 1948. This film is in need of funding in order to be completed.  We urge you to watch the clips on the site which see’s the film maker Hala Gabriel, visit displaced residents of Tantura in Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria and confronting the zionist army commanders that carried out the massacre that took place. As 10,000 zionists celebrate the 65th anniversary of the creation of Israel this weekend at wembley arena, films like these are more important than ever. An untold story, at least to the western world, and an emotional journey that stirs something in all of us waiting to return to whichever homeland we were forced from. Best of luck Hala!


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